Our Mission
Make 2018 the year you start your novel.
Make 2018 the year you find your poetic voice.
Make 2018 the year your play finally comes together.
Make 2018 the year when you make your travel thoughts come alive
Make 2018 the year your journalism reaches its audience.
Make 2018 the year you take a writing break with WRITE IT IN CORFU!
Write it in Corfu gives you the opportunity for a one or two-week writing break with expert writing tutors, who will strengthen your writing skills,
hone your self-confidence,
enrich your passion for writing.
We invite you to join us in this beautiful island on a journey of exploration and discovery as you work with award-winning writers to achieve your writing goals.
Each writing group will be led by a writer of internationally proven stature and unparalleled experience in nurturing creative talent:
Gerald Dawe – former director of Trinity College Dublin's Creative Writing Centre
Oona Frawley – named by the Guardian as one of Ireland's most dynamic and creative writers
Dominic Green – charismatic travel writer and jazz musician
Katy Hayes – acclaimed play director, playwright and Sunday Times theatre critic
Joanna Hines – best-selling novelist and passionate teacher
Peter Murtagh – investigative journalist par excellence who led the Sunday Times “Insight” team

Booking until 28 February: info@writeitincorfu.com
Why Greece? Why Corfu?
I n his book about Corfu, Lawrence Durrell wrote: "Other countries may offer you discoveries in manners or lore or landscape; Greece offers you something harder – the discovery of yourself". His younger brother Gerald said it was "like being born for the first time". And Henry Miller, when he visited Corfu, spoke of "paradise" and "the true centre". Corfu remains an inspirational place where, despite modernisation, it is possible for the adventurous and enquiring mind to bring stories, poems, streetscapes and landscapes to life: to discover yourself as a writer...Read More