Fiction - Week 2
Date: 25-30 June


Joanna Hines says: “My principal role as Tutor is to identify your individual needs and to shape the course which best accommodates the hopes, skills and intentions of the group.

“I want to immerse you in the craft of fiction so that you are fully stretched while learning from each other and from me.
“As we go deeper into the work, you will learn to be your own best critic, polishing your material in group work and in one-to-one meetings with me. The whole workshop is a one-week conversation from which you will emerge a stronger and more confident writer.”
Writers learn as much in casual talks, unexpected congruities and encounters as they do in formal workshop sessions. The WRITE IT IN CORFU format will facilitate that kind of mixing and gathering.
You will learn, you will enjoy, you will be better equipped to shape, direct and develop your ideas into stories that reflect your strengths and interests.
When applying for the course, you will be asked for a sample of your work – fiction in any format that shows us that you have the capacity for storytelling of a sustained nature.