JOANNA HINES is one of England's most exciting and experienced novelists, with an active interest in mentoring emergent talent.
The author of thrillers, mysteries and historical novels set in Cornwall (where she lived for many years), Joanna has also worked with the “Escalator” development project for young writers in Norwich (UK) and the Royal Literary Fund's contact scheme bringing together established writers and students at all levels.
Her novels include The Fifth Secret (1995), Angels of the Flood (2005) and Improvising Carla (produced on Granada television in 2003).
Joanna has also written non fiction, under her maiden name Hodgkin, starting with a biography/memoir of her mother, Nancy (Amateurs in Eden, the Story of a Bohemian Marriage, Virago 2012) which focusses on her complex relationship with her first husband, Lawrence Durrell including their time on Corfu.
She also reviews for The Literary Review and the Guardian and her journalism has been published in The Times, the Daily Mail and other places.
Joanna says: “I have been writing stories almost all my life; for years it seemed like a secret vice, an extension of childhood day-dreaming, escapism to get one through tough times. People are often quite iffy about escapism, but it can be a life-saver, and the first requirement of any book, in my opinion, is to absorb the reader and take them to a different place. It's what I look for in a book and what I try to provide for readers.”