Date: 25-30 June


The course in Journalism is led by Peter Murtagh, one of the UK and Ireland's award-winning senior writers and editors. In the course of the week Peter will encourage you to write journalism as a form of serious storytelling, designed to hold the readers' attention and to engage the reader in the unfolding story.
Whether it's a story with many conflicting layers of evidence, or an announcement by a government minister, or a tragic road accident, the successful journalist will find the essential human truth and inform the reader in an intelligent and responsible style.
Peter Murtagh will introduce you to some of his own work which illustrates the many different techniques of journalism, including fast-moving narratives, in-depth investigation and straight reportage. He will also discuss professional hazards such as defamation, legal injunctions and other obstacles to the search for truth.
At the beginning of the week each participant will be given a journalistic assignment to be researched and written up, under Peter's guidance. By the end of the week you will have achieved a level of writing in your own style, for a specific type of readership.
Applicants will be required to provide proof of literacy at the level of university entrance, an interest in the world around them, and a basic knowledge of the print and electronic media.