Peter Murtagh, one of the foremost investigative journalists and newspaper editors in Britain and Ireland, is no stranger to the labyrinth of intrigue, subterfuge and mendacity from which great journalistic stories are written.
In the 1980s he led the Sunday Times “Insight” team of investigative reporting, and subsequently joined the Guardian as News Editor, where he won, in 1986, the UK’s “Reporter of the Year”. He returned to his native Ireland in 1994 as editor of the Sunday Tribune and is now at The Irish Times where he has occupied the News, News Features, Foreign and Opinion editorial chairs.
He is the author/co-author of three investigative books, on the Irish politician C J Haughey, the high-profile “Sallins” train robbery and The Rape of Greece: the king, the colonels and the resistance - which uncovered first-hand testimony of torture victims.
Peter regards good journalism as “storytelling designed to hold the attention of a newspaper reader in the unraveling of secrets and emotions”.