Date: 25-30 June


Playwriting, like most other creative work, is part inspiration, part perspiration. Crafting your play into an artistic and cohesive drama, and then finding a home for it on a stage, requires enormous effort and persistence.
This course, under the experienced guidance of Katy Hayes (who is both a playwright, stage director and drama critic) is available to writers who have work-in-progress and those who have an idea for a play that they want to progress, and who are prepared to follow through on their vision in a structured and business-like way.
If you have a work which is already part-written, Katy will advise you on how to develop your play by addressing any writing problems and moving the project towards completion.
If you have an idea for a play where you want to unlock its dramatic potential, Katy will help you to develop a dramatic structure and to get started on the opening scenes.
The workshop will meet as a group in the early morning and Katy will conduct one-to-one sessions later in the day, as she assesses your needs, strengths and difficulties.
Applicants who have already started work on a play should submit their most recent draft.
Applicants who need to get started should send us an 800-word overview of what they hope to achieve.

Katy Hayes

head of menander
This head of the dramatist Menander (343-291 BC), represents one of the most prolific authors of comedy on the Athenian stage.