Date: 18-23 June


Led by Gerald Dawe, one of Ireland's most distinguished poets and former professor of literature at Trinity College Dublin, this course is designed for a maximum of twelve students who are seriously interested in writing, and reading, poetry in a mature yet relaxed learning environment. The group will meet for six days of workshops.
Gerald will both encourage you and point you in directions which will strengthen your writing. He will also advise on the techniques of putting together a volume of poetry and discuss the practicalities and expectations of publishing.
You will share your work with the group by reading and discussing each other's approach to the craft of poetry. The week will culminate with a public reading of selected work.
Gerald will meet the group each morning for a workshop and early evening for individual discussion, leaving the rest of the day free for reading, writing and reviewing. Towards the end of the week he will give increasing attention to one-to-one discussions.
In applying for admission to the course, you will be asked for a CV, a brief statement of what you hope to learn from the workshop, and a sample of three recent poems by which your suitability will be assessed. We will accept seriously committed and engaged writers who wish to develop their interest and skills in a companionable and supportive atmosphere.